How to remove wax from carpet.

Here is a simple solution for removing wax that you can do yourself with ease! 
  • First off you should fill a zip lock bag with ice. Pressing the ice onto the wax will make sure the wax is hard.
  • Then you will want to gently remove the excess wax. You can do this using a butter knife or other such dull bladed tool. 
  • Next place either a paper bag or a clean white towel over the wax. 
  • Heat and iron and begin gently pressing it onto the bag or towel. The wax will begin to transfer onto the bag or towel.
  • Continue pressing the iron in short bursts until the wax is completely removed.


Jake Dawson
05/05/2016 4:59pm

I used this tip to get wax from a candle in my bedroom and it worked like a charm. Thanks guys!


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